Shocking Shootings in Maine: Gunman Took 22 Lives and Police Hunt for the Culprit.

Hey readers! today’ is back with some heavy hearts and a somber tale to share. Maintaining awareness of current events in the world is crucial, even though it is not the typical positive, trending news we enjoy covering. The grim reality is that 22 lives were tragically cut short in sudden shootings in Maine, leaving many injured and a community in shock. It has been determined that the shooter is Robert Card, a former military weapons instructor. Currently on the loose, he is considered a grave danger.

In what manner did it arise?

The shooting spree started around 7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, at Sparetime Recreation, a popular bowling alley that was crowded with families and kids. According to witnesses, Robert Card walked into the building with a long rifle and began firing randomly at people. He then went to the bar area, where he kept shooting. Some people managed to run away or hide, while others were trapped inside.

Police said that Robert Card then drove about four miles to Schemengees Bar and Grille, another busy spot where people were having drinks and listening to music. He again shot at the customers and employees, creating panic and confusion. He then got away in a black pickup truck with Maine license plates.

The police responded to several 911 calls and reached both locations within minutes. They found many victims dead or injured at the scene. They also found evidence of explosives at the bowling alley, which they safely detonated. Law enforcement from the federal, state, and local levels began a massive manhunt for Card, setting up roadblocks as they went.

Who is Robert Card?

Robert card

The primary suspect in the shootings is forty-year-old Robert Card, a former firearms instructor who trained at a US Army Reserve facility in Saco, Maine. He was also employed by a Lewiston Walmart distribution center as a security guard. He had been hospitalized for two weeks in the summer of last year after reporting hearing voices and threatening to shoot people at the military base. After determining he posed no threat, they let him go.

Police said that Robert Card had no criminal record or history of violence. His motivation and the existence of any accomplices or targets are still mysteries to investigators. They are also investigating his social media accounts and contacts for any clues.

How did people react?

Lewiston, a city in western Maine with a population of about 36,000, is inconsolable and furious following the shootings. Many expressed their shock and incredulity that their town could experience such a significant tragedy. 

The mayor of Lewiston, Mark Cayer, conveyed his sorrow over the deaths and called for peace and reconciliation. In addition, he acknowledged the first responders and medical staff for their valiant attempts to save lives.

Maine Governor Janet Mills declared a state of emergency (called: Maine state of emergency), voicing her disapproval of the needless bloodshed. She also made it mandatory for flags to fly at half staff in honor of the victims. She urged everyone to obey the commands of the fire and police departments and to remain indoors.

US President Joe Biden sympathized with Maine and offered his support after learning about the circumstances. Furthermore, he condemned the gun violence and called for action to prevent future occurrences of incidents of this nature.

Heavily armed police stand at the ambulance entrance to the Central Maine Medical Center on Oct. 26, 2023, in Lewiston, Maine, where many of the shooting victims were brought.

What’s after shootings in Maine?

Robert Card remains a target for the police in their ongoing pursuit of leads regarding the shooting incidents. Due to the widespread use of his photo, they are requesting that anyone with information contact either 911 or (207) 784-6421, the tip line. It has also been advised that people avoid approaching him or attempting to apprehend him.

According to the authorities, Lisbon High School is a place where relatives who were unable to contact their loved ones because of the shootings can get back together. For people who require them, they have also offered resources and counseling.

In order to give their families time to receive word, the shooting victims have not yet been formally named. Some of them have been recognized on social media:

Jason Smith, a father of two who was 34 years old, worked
Kelly Jones, 28, worked as a waiter at Schemengees and was getting married soon.
Tyler Brown played competitive bowling as a high school student, age 17.
The 24-year-old nurse Amanda Lee was at Sparetime enjoying her birthday.
Veteran Kevin Davis, 42, has combat experience in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
Furthermore, 17 more people’s identities are still a mystery.

Numerous local hospitals are providing care for the injured victims. A few of them might not make it out alive because of their critical conditions.


In Lewiston, there were horrific shootings in Maine at a bar and bowling alley that resulted in 22 fatalities and numerous injuries. There is still a serious risk to public safety because the gunman, Robert Card, is at large. The police have been searching for him and pursuing charges against him nonstop.

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What is the identity of the shooter?
The suspect is Robert Card, a former military firearms instructor who trained at a US Army Reserve facility in Saco, Maine.

What was the total number of casualties or fatalities? 
22 people were killed and many others were injured (in the shootings in Maine) at the Sparetime Recreation shooting, a bowling alley, and the Schemengees Bar and Grille shooting, a bar, in Lewiston, Maine.

Where is the suspect now?
The criminal is believed to be a serious risk and is currently at large. Anyone with information about Rober is asked to contact the tip line at 784-6421, as the police are currently searching for him.

Police in Lewiston, Maine, have released a photo of this car wanted in connection with an active shooting situation on Oct. 25, 2023.

When did the attacker intend to go? 
The shooter’s motivation is still a mystery. Police are investigating his background, social media accounts, and contacts for any clues.

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