Earthquakes Hit: India’s Timely Aid Rescues 140+

Hello, folks! Today, we’re going to dive into a topic that has been shaking up the news recently: Nepal earthquakes. Specifically, we’re going to talk about the recent tremors that have been felt in Delhi and Nepal. So buckle up and let’s get started!

What happened?

In Nepal, on November 3, 2023, at 11:32 p.m., about 80 kilometers west of Kathmandu, near Dhading, was the epicenter of the earthquake. For several seconds, there were tremors, and many people fled their homes screaming during that time.

Delhi’s Earth Shivers

West Nepal was struck by an earthquake of magnitude 4.6 on November 3, 2023, and then again in the same area by earthquakes of magnitude 6.2. However, no major damage or casualties were reported in India due to these quakes.

The region falls under seismic zone IV, which means it can experience quakes of up to magnitude 6.5. The soft soil of the Gangetic plains can amplify the seismic energy and cause more damage in the Delhi-NCR region.

Nepal: The Epicenter of the Quake

The earthquake that caused the tremors in Delhi was of magnitude 6.4 and struck Nepal. The tremors were felt across northern parts of India, including Bihar. In Bihar, the tremors were felt in Bihar’s Patna, Katihar, Motihari, and a few other districts along the Indo-Nepal border.

Over 150 people have been confirmed dead since the earthquake that struck remote western Nepal. Infrastructure and property were also severely damaged by the earthquakes. The Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates are colliding where Nepal is situated, creating a seismically active region. You can read more about the deadly earthquakes in Nepal since 2015 here.

The Aftermath and Rescue Efforts

The aftermath of the earthquakes has been devastating. The death toll has risen to 140+, with communication cut off in many areas.

Rescue efforts are underway, with security forces deployed to help in the rugged districts of Jajarkot and West Rukum. However, these efforts are being hampered by roads becoming blocked by landslides triggered by the earthquakes.

How India helped Nepal recover from the recent earthquakes?

In light of the recent earthquake, India has extended its support to Nepal. Expressing India’s sympathy for Nepal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed India’s solidarity and also mentioned that India is ready to extend all possible assistance.

  • India is in solidarity with Nepal. He also spoke to the President and the Prime Minister of Nepal and assured them of India’s full support.
  • India has provided an emergency contact number of +977-9851316807 for offering aid to Indian nationals in Nepal. Teams have saved a great number of people who were buried beneath the rubble and have helped the injured and displaced by providing medical attention and logistical support.
  • In addition to providing travel assistance to India or other countries, India has airlifted numerous Nepalese nationals from the impacted regions to Kathmandu.

India has also promised to help Nepal repair and revive its damaged infrastructure and people’s means of subsistence. With an eye toward India-Nepal relations and Nepal’s long-term recovery and development, India has promised Nepal that it will receive financial and technical support.


Nepal Earthquakes

Natural catastrophes like earthquakes have the power to wreak havoc and claim lives. The recent natural disasters in Nepal and Delhi have brought home the force of the elements.

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What was the intensity of Nepal’s earthquakes?
The earthquakes that struck Nepal were of magnitude 6.4.

Were the tremors of the Nepal earthquakes felt in India?
The earthquakes caused tremors in Delhi, Bihar, and other northern regions of India.

What reaction has India given to the earthquake that occurred in Nepal?
India has offered Nepal assistance following the earthquake. Prime Minister Narendra Modi added, “India is in solidarity with Nepal” to his expression of sympathy.

Does India provide the emergency contact number for offering aid to Indian nationals in Nepal?
India has provided an emergency contact number—+977-9851316807—for offering aid to Indian nationals in Nepal.

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